Advanced Course

The Self Mastery Advanced Course is open to anyone who has completed the Basic Course. It’s a phenomenal, once-in-a-lifetime experience designed for those who are committed to permanent change in their lives. This is the course where you break through all he barriers that are in the way of you owning your personal power.

Think of it like this: It’s as if you have been in a long sleep, when suddenly in the Basic Course you awaken and open the door of discovery. Through this door you see a multitude of new ways to live your life which will bring you greater joy, inner peace, freedom, clarity and fulfillment. Once you see what’s possible, you will never want to go back. However, life with all of its challenges awaits, your commitment will be tested and the door can start to close.

But the Advanced Course blows the door off its hinges as you breakthrough the self-limiting fears and boundaries of the box that want to pull you back. You’ll expand and deepen your awareness and personal power in ways you have not yet imagined possible. You’ll stretch your mind, expand your heart and enrich your spirit. You’ll discover who you are with absolute certainty, you’ll know what it means to fly free and you’ll learn how to live, laugh and love while having outrageous fun!


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