Martha Borst

Martha Borst, is a Senior Organizational Consultant and Master Coach with over 40 years of experience in Personal and Professional Leadership Development. During this time, she has conducted consulting projects and development programs for over 25,000 executives, managers and corporate employees nationwide.

Martha’s extensive background is grounded in personal experience. As the Founder and CEO of four successful start-up companies, she has had first-hand experience of the human dynamics and organizational challenges that every senior executive faces. Her well-developed (and somewhat infamous) “street savvy” makes her able to very quickly get to the root of any human issue. Having worked with Fortune 100 companies as well as start-up organizations, she is familiar with the requirements, differences and demands of a wide variety of corporate cultures.

Alticor, Amway, Apple Computer, AstraZeneca, Avon, Backroads, Balke-Brown Associates, BlackStone IP, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Edward Jones Investments, Everest Biomedical Instruments, Francis Ford Coppola Family Enterprises, IBM, In-Q-Tel, Lateef Investment Management, Limerick Lane Cellars, Marietta Cellars, Moshin Vineyards, PeopleSoft, Pacific Bell, Quest, Quixtar, Ralston Purina, SAP, Stanford Health Care, Starbucks, The St. Louis Community Foundation, Visalis, WorldVentures and many others.

Working in partnership with her clients, Martha builds strong, effective leadership teams to have an aligned organizational vision, and she designs dynamic cultures that thrive with a clear sense of purpose and personal responsibility. She specializes in culture design and transformation, change management, conflict resolution, leadership development, team building, self-mastery, race relations and paradigm shifts in peak performance behaviors. She provides on-going support to senior executives with one-on-one leadership coaching, which is both innovative and awakening.

As a CEO of a multi-hundred-million dollar company recently said of her, “Martha’s insights are at times astounding! I have met many consultants and facilitators over the years and she is, without a doubt, one of the best I have ever seen. As a result of her coaching, we were able to move our executive team out of a stalemate situation into alignment and enthusiastic action!”

Although Martha is a no-nonsense, results oriented consultant who doesn’t like to waste time on the unnecessary, she can be entertaining and fun and she enjoys having a good time while working hard. Her exceptional human interaction skills, as well as her humor, can lighten up any tense moment and move difficult discussions into effective conclusions. Martha is pragmatic and results-focused and expects nothing less than the best from herself as well as from the clients she coaches. Her approach, has earned a deep respect from the thousands who have worked with her.

As an Executive Vice President of a six billion dollar company said, “Since her trainings, the name Martha around here has become an adverb, a noun, verb, direct object and an adjective! (You need to get ‘Martha’d’. What would Martha say? ┬áLet’s do a Martha!) What she teaches, produces exceptional results. I had a very difficult department that was a thorn in everyone’s side, but all it took was 3 days with Martha and they completely transformed. The most difficult member of that team actually came to me voluntarily and committed to changing his ways to be a team player. I was so impressed, I enrolled my entire division in her program. She gets everyone on the same page and immediately eliminates the victim conversations, empowers people to take accountability and directs them to take well thought-out actions. I couldn’t be happier with the changes I have seen.”

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