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In addition to coaching, consulting and workshop facilitation, Martha is now available for public speaking engagements and half day workshops. All of her work is leading edge, yet solidly grounded in practical thinking and proven techniques. She challenges existing paradigms, wakes people up, inspires them to raise the bar and opens new possibilities for effective change. Entertaining and fun, she combines a no-nonsense approach with humor, illustrative stories, interactive experiential exercises, exceptional and inspiring videos and time for audience interaction and questions.

Martha's customized speeches and workshops will inspire, inform and challenge you to create a change in your company that WORKS!

Stop going down the same old road. Challenge the old myths and mindsets:

  • Rethink the rules
  • Redefine the roles
  • Reinvent the game

Martha specializes in...

  • Change Management
  • Culture Redesign
  • Peak Performance
  • Leadership and Team Development


How to Thrive Not Just Survive in a Turbulent World.

Keep ahead of changes, challenges and competition with peak performance thinking and produce breakthrough results!


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Leadership and Team Development
Weekly Wisdom Quote






Dear Martha,
I want to thank you for the presentation you gave at our National Sales and Marketing Meeting in Orlando. There was an overwhelmingly positive response with the way you connected with the audience and the message you presented to our team.

Your message made such a strong impact with our audience. From what I understand, you had several conversations with members of my team and the sales team in an effort to get to know our goals and objectives. Incorporating this knowledge into your presentation definitely increased your credibility as a speaker.

The message about committing to producing results in order to make success happen resounded very strongly with our group. The use of short stories to articulate your key points kept the presentation engaging and light hearted. By the end of the presentation the audience was committed to driving the business for ORENCIA. They referenced your speech and even quoted you throughout the remainder of the meeting.

Johanna Mercier, Sr. Marketing Director
Bristol Myers Squibb Company

Conventional Wisdom says:

Old CW: Work harder
New CW: Work smarter

Old CW: If you tried it's OK
New CW: Either do it or don't. There is no try.

Old CW: Rely on traditional boundaries
New CW: Jump out of the box

Old CW: Play it safe. Avoid risk
New CW: Playing it safe is dangerous to the health of your company

Old CW: Compete, compete, compete
New CW: Change the rules of the game

Old CW: Be cautious of change
New CW: Embrace it. Bring it on!


Keep Doing What You're Doing and You'll Continue to Have What You Have
Ever feel like you're in a rut? Or like a wind -up doll that keeps walking into the same wall? Rather than stopping and assessing our actions and the thinking that drives them, we just back up, wind ourselves up again and ram right back into the same situation, with the same type people, with the same results. Sound familiar? Find out what drives you to do this and how to get yourself re-directed for a more effective outcome.

POWER! What is it? Do you want it? Are you afraid of it? Do you hate it?
Do you challenge it? Run over it? Avoid it?
Do you use it? Abuse it? Or lose it?
How do you use it? To overpower or empower? To create separation or build connection?
Who is powerful? Why?
How are you giving your power away - right this very second?
How can you get it back? Where will you find it?
Ask and answer these questions and many more.

All of Martha's speeches are custom designed for the specific needs of your organization. Some suggested topics are below:


Martha points out that to be a balanced, successful and fulfilled human being, you must regularly address this profound question in every aspect of your life and work. It will give you a perspective that opens up possibilities and avenues for creative problem solving that you never saw before. The answer will affect your framework of thinking, your thinking drives your actions and actions produce results. To improve results, it is imperative that this question be asked and answered, again and again.
You can have a brain the size of all outdoors, and still end up swimming upstream against the current getting nowhere. You feel stuck and trapped and ineffective, and you are! Why? Because you're doing one of three things (or maybe all of them) that will always keep you from getting the results you say you want. When met with obstacles and barriers and outside circumstances, most people give up, lose focus or get discouraged. Yet, water always reaches its destination. It always finds its way downhill regardless of what is in the way. Why? Because it follows the three guidelines that take it past anything that tries to stop it. If we were more like water, we could do that, too.
Smart people love the subject of leadership. They study it, find it to be an interesting subject matter and learn what to DO to be a leader, but then discover that no one is following. Why? Because they don't know how to BE a leader. Therefore, they end up DOING leadership rather than BEING a leader. Martha outlines the five areas that must be developed for smart people to become great leaders.
When someone asks you, "How's it going?" do you answer this question truthfully or do you frequently find yourself covering up the experience of feeling overwhelmed, overpowered, undermined, frustrated, upset, impatient or discouraged? What do you need to change to be empowered, alive, excited, fulfilled and free? Martha reveals some life-altering approaches that shift paradigms and improve results so that when someone asks, "How's it working for you?" you can honestly say, "Great!"
There are things you know you know; things you know you don't know; things you don't know you know; things you think you know and most important of all, things you don't know you don't know. This last one is the domain known as the unconscious and it is where we sabotage ourselves again and again. Begin to discover some of the hidden behaviors that hold you back and learn how to free yourself up to reach success.
In life we have one of two things: the Results we're looking for or a bunch of Reasons why we don't have them. Which one do you want in your life? How will you get there? Are you bigger than your circumstances, or do you continually allow circumstances to be bigger than you?  Do you allow them to dictate your life? Do you find yourself using excuses like, “I don’t have the time, the money, the resources?” Learn how to get back in the driver's seat of your life. Learn how to never allow excuses to run your results and direct your future to be as you choose.
Sometimes this is a real tough decision. How often do we quit a job to be right, drag our heels to be right, sabotage others (and ourselves) to be right, refuse to cooperate, fight, sleep on the couch and even divorce to be right. We pay a heavy price for these behaviors and so do others - all in order to be right. Why do we do this, again and again and again? The reasons and solutions are revealed. Learn how to change this self-destructive behavior.
Scientists tell us that we are being bombarded by 10MM stimuli messages every few seconds. If we allowed all that information to register with us, we would be babbling idiots. Therefore, we have a filtering system that allows some information in and rejects the rest. This Life View Filter tells us how to act. Our actions produce results. When we don't have the results we want, we make the mistake of changing our actions when in fact, we need to change our filter. What information is your filter letting in that hurts you? What information are you filtering out that could help you? Maybe it's time to clean out your filter.
What are the things that lure us into self-destructive results? We stand at the water's edge, the moment of decision is upon us. We are uneasy about what we are about to do, but like lemmings that leap off a cliff to their death, so too do we do and say things that we know are not right. We step into the self-sabotaging water anyway and succumb to the waiting alligators of manipulation, denial, avoidance, covering up, resistance, gossip, complaining and more. They drag us down to the bottom and consume who we are. Discover how to make better choices and produce more enlightened results.

Acclaimed author of the celebrated international best selling book "Your Survival Strategies Are Killing You!" | Learn More >

Your Survival Strategies are Killing You!
Do you want to just survive as an individual, a department or a company, or do you want to thrive? Martha reveals the eight traps that people unconsciously and consistently fall into that are literally and figuratively killing them.

There is only one way out and that is by applying The Eight Principles You Must Follow to Thrive in Life and Work. This presentation, her hallmark piece, is also the title of her International Best Seller, Your Survival Strategies are Killing You!