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Rich Braddock"Talented, tenacious, tough and terrific! Martha Borst is the best transformational coach I have ever met. If you want to develop your leaders or build your teams, you could not find anyone better!"

Richard S. Braddock
Former CEO Priceline, Former President Citibank

Working in Partnership with My Clients

During my many years of experience working with tens of thousands of people, I have found the most effective approach for enduring success is to work in partnership with my clients in the following four areas:

  1. Strategic Alignment. What I mean by this is that all of the key forces for change, development, and transformation are consistent with one another and mutually reinforcing. Key forces include the organization’s vision, leadership team, strategic direction, structure and key processes, and its culture. Gaining strategic alignment results in three important outcomes:
    1. Greater clarity of your vision, mission, goals and the operating principles
    2. Everyone on the same page with above key forces
    3. Greater capability to execute and embody your vision, goals strategic direction and corporate culture
  2. Strong Leadership. I often coach and guide each member of the leadership team to become a strong, effective and capable leader.  This can be accomplished in a group workshop setting and/or personal coaching.
    I'm proud to announce the newest addition to my workshop offerings: Authentic Leadership, a powerful learning experience designed to promote extraordinary leadership capability.
  3. Executive Teamwork. My work ensures that the leadership team operates in a cohesive way.  I have found that the single most important factor in creating organizational success is the degree to which the executive team is aligned around a shared vision and is able to execute well as a high performing team.
    Self Mastery-Team Development I and Team Development II are two phenomenal workshops that I custom design to meet my clients’ specific needs.
  4. Productive Collaboration Between and Within Organizations. In many cases, collaboration between and within organizations is the hardest thing to accomplish, yet crucial for success in today’s fast-paced, high tech market place. I work closely with the partners who are involved in any kind of complex effort to recognize their inter- dependence and to cooperate in such a way that both their individual and collective goals are achieved.

My Secret Sauce

While the above areas define my focus, what makes me unique, is how I work with my clients. My “secret sauce” is my ability to look deeper into the complex and enduring forces that shape organizational change and to affect these forces. I believe that all actions are driven by a set of beliefs and attitudes, which when changed, go far in creating lasting organizational success. My work is designed to ensure that the entire organization is enrolled in and embraces a set of attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that promote satisfaction, well-being, and a capacity to produce stronger and more enduring results.

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