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Your executive coach is the one person with whom you can confidentially discuss professional challenges and concerns, brainstorm solutions and celebrate the triumphs within your professional career. In the process, you will have available to you the guidance and coaching you need to make the skillful executive decisions that serve you and your organization. By participating in this process, you will attain your goals by strengthening your competency to lead with authentic and conscious action. Not surprisingly, your personal life and family time will also improve.

As your executive coach, Martha's primary concern will be to help you develop excellence in your world of influence. As your dedicated partner and mentor, she will assist you to find a new and more empowering way to look at things. Engage in a brief conversation with her and you will suddenly find her describing certain traits of yours that you would think would take hours to discern. She is clearly a quick and intuitive study. Combining these skills and a unique ability to coach people to reconnect with an internal natural wisdom, Martha will automatically direct you to achieve major positive changes in your on-the-job performance with significant success.

Martha's Coaching Methodology
Executives are complicated people with demanding careers. They need sophisticated methods to achieve change. After 40 years of working with over 25,000 people, Martha has developed many innovative techniques that have produced significant and enduring shifts in an executive's ability to manage people, achieve greater results and organize time for a balanced life. Martha's approach is based on a combination of feedback:

1) She uses powerful 360 instruments and other assessment tools,

2) She has an encouraging coaching style that is focused on understanding the executive's framework of thinking and values that influence his/her decision making.

3) She applies a series of learning tasks designed to create breakthrough in the executive's competence and capability.

No. Martha will only work with those individuals who choose to be coached and who declare and demonstrate their commitment to raise the bar on their own performance. It is critical that the individual is personally willing to discover new ways to be effective and successful.
Anyone who wants to be their best. The most successful and powerful leaders, athletes and performers have personal coaches. They don’t see it as “I have to ask for advice.” They see it as “I am going to be my best at this thing and I want the best coaching possible!” They are willing to do whatever it takes within sound moral values to make vast amounts of money, get re-elected, win at Wimbledon, etc. This kind of commitment drives them to say, “I want a coach right now!”
In the old style of corporate America, managers managed, directors directed, presidents presided and hierarchical relationship reigned. Today, however, companies are looking for new ways of interacting in the corporate arena. The key now is empowerment. Develop your people, help them identify their growth and development areas and then coach them through existing challenges so they are more self-sustaining, independent, capable, confident employees. In the executive coaching process, Martha will not only coach the executive, but he/she will be coached on how to coach others. Everyone wins.
Unlike most consultants and coaches you will meet, Martha has worked on both sides of the desk. She has been significantly involved in the personal and professional development training field for 40 years and has guided thousands of people as well as entire companies to reach significant levels of success. In addition, she has been the Founder and CEO/President of four successful companies. She knows what it takes to start at ground zero, build an organization one step at a time and then sell it for a sizeable profit. She has worked with CEOs, Presidents and executives at all levels. She is a no-nonsense, get-to-the-point kind of person who doesn’t like to waste her time or energy on the unnecessary. Pragmatic in her approach, she believes that results don’t lie. She is sensitive to people and likes them. Her superb interpersonal skills allow her to cut to the core of any issue with efficiency. She believes anything is possible if you are: 1) willing to find out what it takes and 2) willing to do what it takes. She spends no time on self-limiting thinking. Her commitment and loyalty to her clients is unsurpassed.

I have had the pleasure to know and work with Martha for several years now. She is the most effective Executive Coach I have ever met. Her candid, practical, holistic approach applies to every facet of life. Simply stated, Martha is the best.

Ed Sesek
Vice President of Engineering, Cendura Corporation

Executive Coaching

The Five Phases of Leadership Coaching
In support of leadership development and peak performance achievements, individual coaching is frequently a crucial part of Martha's approach. Her coaching program has proven to be enormously successful in helping leaders reach their highest potential. This program follows a series of phases proven to produce lasting results.

Phase 1 - Planning

  • Meet with the client and the person to whom the client reports to clarify mutual expectations
  • Describe how we work
  • Establish desired goals
  • Make agreements between client and coach to ensure optimal success

Phase 2 - Awakening

  • Client receives feedback from others
  • Use tested, proven set of assorted assessment instruments designed to give the client insight into their own patterns
  • Coach continuously asks questions and gives feedback
  • Client realizes the impact they have had on others, both positive and negative
  • Go deep into patterns, how they are formed and how to change them
  • Teach the key principles of success in human systems using charts/modules/concepts
  • Give assignments/reading appropriate to client's learning needs

Phase 3 - Accountability

  • Client takes ownership of their actions, reactions and results
  • Client enrolls others in supporting them in their development

Phase 4 - Transformation

  • Continuously practice new behaviors through review, learning and change
  • Develop a personal contract designed to shape new approaches and behaviors
  • Contract with others – stating new behaviors and how they will specifically show up.
  • Gain commitment to future behavior
  • Solicit feedback from others

Phase 5 - Integration

  • Process begins to slow down
  • Completion with person client reports to
  • Plan to keep it alive
  • Identify longer term goals – envision next phase
  • Annual assessment feedback through instruments and manager

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